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Use my tutorial
The tutorial are subject to my
Copyright and may not be copied or 1:1 to be tinkered with own
Copyright are provided.
My tutorial are intended for subsequent tinkering and I am

 If you like and are used.

The © copyright for the material belongs to each individual artists.
Each of the tutorial, my tinkering has even pay attention to copyright.

My tutorials are intended as a suggestion.

be used and the links to
shall be disclosed.
Everything created her by my tutorial is yours.
Tinkered with your own material!
It is you that optional
Graphics produced by you or letter

to offer downloads for you.

Warning important!

Let it not my tutorial in the original to be tinkered with by
Tube material used me, they then ect as a header, logo, letter, styles or Web sets.
are offered for download or as your own header image be used for forum or HP.
or be fitted with own design.
To install on your page is a link to my tutorial.
Links then putting credit to my side.
The copyright for the tutorial is alone with me.
You want to use an image in original for something, then I ask a question via email.
I write this for an important reason, because there are people who think we should all

just use what you can find on the net, without asking!

My tutorial is not allowed:
uploaded to other websites
be or be issued even as their own.
Also the download on other sites is prohibited by me.
It may also no screenshots
and graphics of my tutorials
externally linked.
Also I forbid without my consent
Use my tutorial

a lesson in courses, then please enquire by mail.


Translation of my tutorial:
My tutorial may not be
be translated without my written permission.
Or in other graphic programs (eg. PI) must be rewritten.
Then, I ask you to write to me.

If you somewhere against a violation
find my rules on other sites
or even a third-party link / Traffic steal see,.
then I would ask to inform me